A European Multi-cloud Infrastructure for Experimentation

Posted By Jacob Bensimon in Blog

This week I’m at Cloudscape presenting BonFIRE, a European multi-Cloud facility that is ready, open, in operation and being used today.

Many organisations still hesitate before moving their applications and data to the Cloud. The promise is clear: increased productivity, high flexibility, elastic access to infrastructure resources, and reduced costs; especially attractive to (but not limited to) small and medium businesses. However, there are three major areas of concern that slow down the uptake; the security and privacy of my data, the trust of the chosen provider and to ensure that I am not locked in for life.

BonFIRE is the first multi-Cloud infrastructure mainly based on European open source technology (Open Nebula), with a Cloud Broker and using specifications (OCCI, OVF) that enable the concept of research by experimentation or discover by doing. BonFIRE is in operation and open for researchers from both academic and industrial organisations. It supports research across applications, services and systems targeting the services research community on the Future Internet.