Optimisation of Resource Selection

Posted By Jacob Bensimon in SLA

The optimization component offers a service to the Grid users aiming at optimizing the scheduling of the jobs in the environment. In particular, the Optim provides a service that can be used by the Scheduler to improve quality of resource allocation. The component receives from the scheduler one or more jobs to be scheduled and it returns, for each job, an ordered list of available computing resources of the grid on which the job can be carried out respecting SLA’s constraints.

The Optimisation pattern is composed of two main components: the Optim and the GridOptimizer Components. On the basis of the Publish/Subscribe patterns, the Optim component receives from the scheduler the job to carry out (each job is related both with a RES -resource file- and the SLA that contain information about the inherent constraints like resources and time slots).

The Optim component receives both from the GRID and the Monitoring components information about the status of the system.

In particular, by using the Adapt Pattern the Optim Component obtains information about the whole grid resources from the the Grid Component; while the Monitoring Component gives information about the already existing schedule and therefore about the effective availability of each resource in the grid.

All this information is processed to evaluate which optimizing algorithm is more suitable and efficient to solve the scheduling problem. Once the problem is solved by the GridOptimizer component, the output is notified to the scheduler.